Next Meeting

Friday May 17th:


We will welcome RICHARD PAUL  Sourcing Director of Bradbury Cheese of Buxton.

The cheese in front.. is probably Bradbury’s, a remarkable operation based in Buxton. They source over 400 cheeses from 200 suppliers; won over 40 awards last year; and can beat the French at their own national game.

Richard has appeared on James Martin’s TV show talking about cheese, and now he’s going to talk to us. And you may get a taste of cheese too!

Come an find out more about this remarkable business… foodies, this is one for you!!



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Future Dates

Friday June 14th: The Renaissance of The Co-op. In an intensely competitive grocery world, the venerable Co-op has been investing in its corner shops and seen a substantial turnaround. How are they doing it? Tina Mitchell, Divisional Managing Director, Co-op Food, will tell us more.