Attend a Meeting

Friday January 25th, 7.30am-9.30am

BROTHER UK with Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director.

Phil JonesBrother was founded in 1908 in Japan by two siblings in the industrial region of Nagoya (home of Toyota). It all started with sewing: the brothers had figured out a way to automate the production of hats for workers in the paddy fields.

60 years later, Brother UK was founded in Manchester, taking over the Jones Sewing Machine foundry on the same Audenshaw site where they’re based today. That’s one of 17 production sites and more than 50 sales sites in 44 countries across the world, a $5bn plus business.

The UK operation concentrates on its sewing and printing, with printers being Phil Jones’ main focus as managing director of Brother UK. They are the No 1 vendor for business printing, bigger than Hewlett Packard; most of their sales are B2B.

So what happened to the paperless world we were promised? The printer at my side as I type this is a Brother. I’d like to know more.

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